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Dental Sedation

A healthy smile starts with healthy gums

Best Periodontist in Ventura - Dr. Shapiro - Diplomate

Dr. Shapiro is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology


This means that Dr. Shapiro passed a rigorous written and oral exam and demonstrated a high degree of skill and knowledge in the art and science of periodontology.

Dental Sedation in Ventura

Sleep Dentistry

What is sleep dentistry?


Sleep dentistry also know as dental sedation is often used in most dental cases. This can be accomplished through local dental anesthesia or sometimes with an oral sedative and nitrous oxide dental sedation.


When we encounter complex dental cases, fearful, anxious, special needs patients, and/or children, we may require a more controlled level of dental anesthesia such as intravenous sedation (IV sedation).

The amount of dental anesthesia varies between moderate dental sedation, deep dental sedation, and general dental anesthesia. The use of dental sedation is safe and effective when properly administered by trained dental professionals.

There are a couple of different types of dental sedation that we offer:

  • Minimal Dental Sedation: Our patients are able to respond verbally, but coordination may be impaired.

  • Moderate Dental Sedation: Also referred to as conscious sedation, our patients can respond to questions by light stimulation.

  • Deep Dental Sedation: With this type of dental sedation, our patients do not respond to painful stimulation.

  • General Dental Anesthesia: With this type of dental sedation, our patients remain in a deep state of relaxation.

Dr. Shapiro works with one of the best dental anesthesiologists in California. 

Dentist Anesthesiologist, Dr. Chen, Dr. Wu, and Dr. Alanes have over 30 years of combined dental IV sedation experience.


They provide ambulatory IV sedation services to Santa BarbaraVenturaBeverly HillsLos Angeles, and Orange County


Their mission is to provide you with a painless and relaxing dental visit. IV sedation can lower your anxiety and improve your dental experience. Visit Dr. Chen's site to learn more.

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