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A healthy smile starts with healthy gums

Best Periodontist in Ventura - Dr. Shapiro - Diplomate

Dr. Shapiro is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology


This means that Dr. Shapiro passed a rigorous written and oral exam and demonstrated a high degree of skill and knowledge in the art and science of periodontology.

Periodontist and Implant Dentist in Ventura


Dr. Shapiro is a specialist in gum disease treatment and dental implants in Ventura

Dr. Shapiro, best periodontist and implant dentist in Ventura, is highly trained and credentialed to prevent, diagnose and treat periodontal disease, place dental implants and perform cosmetic procedures to restore the natural look and function of the teeth.

We leverage our in-office CT scan technology for precise diagnosis and treatment planning for all our patients.

Why visit Dr. Shapiro? 

Dr. Shapiro, periodontist in Ventura, specializes in the soft tissues of the mouth and the underlying jawbone which supports the teeth.


A periodontist has more training than a general dentist in the speciality of gum disease treatment (also known periodontal treatment). 


To become a periodontist, a dentist must first graduate from an accredited dental school before undertaking an additional 3 years of education in a periodontology residency training program. The primary focus of this periodontal residency training is on both surgical and non surgical management of periodontal disease and the placement of dental implants.

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